Lyon Macer


Thank you for visiting. Lyon Macer is always a messenger-at-arms; a messenger-at-arms is always also a sheriff officer; and the Scots designation of sheriff officer is translated into Shakespearian English, thus: “a process-server, a bailiff” (The Winter’s Tale, IV.3.102).
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The Lyon Court Mace (as carried, above, at the sitting of Lyon Court on 29th February 2016) traces its origins to a medieval weapon. But a messenger’s arms were never offensive: since at least the sixteenth century, messengers, in addition to the heralds and pursuivants, have been amongst the officers in Scotland “wearing and bearing” the Royal Arms. The silver badge of arms, or blazon, and the wonderfully named wand of peace are the insignia still issued to every messenger-at-arms by the Lord Lyon. 
Please click here, to visit the Lyon Court Twitter page, to see the Lord Lyon issuing a badge to a new messenger.

Baby Roddywand+badgeThe badge which I daily wear and bear was issued to my grandfather in 1939. The photograph (far left) shows his son – my father – holding it in that very year. He would receive a blazon and wand of his own in 1969. In due course, he followed in his father’s footsteps into the presidency of the Society of Messengers-at-Arms and Sheriff Officers (as would I too – which honour eluded the firm’s renowned founder,  Alexander Nimmo Rutherford, who was the 
Society’s (then
                                                                                       called Association) founding Vice-President in 1922).
The laws of citation and diligence are my province and I practise throughout Scotland. I also welcome instructions to arrange for the execution of Scottish warrants abroad. If you wish to discuss the service of a document or enforcement of a judgment, please contact me.
In particular, if you are a landlord of commercial premises in Scotland with a registered lease, or a creditor with a judgment granted in a court in another part of the U.K. than Scotland, and your debtor is in Scotland, there is helpful information here.
I am also a professional researcher. If you are curious about that, read on.